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“You fell in love by chance, but you are here today because you have made a selection. You both are accepting each other with all the positive and negative qualities. You have chosen to be with someone who enriches you, who loves you, makes you feel comfortable, makes you laugh, and makes every day livelier” – we at Time Frame Studio execute the same level of comfort with our high definition picture quality which not only enhances your personality but also distinguishes your inner beauty and cherish your happy memories.

An image is worth a thousand words & wedding cinema speaks for itself, but we think wedding pictures/videos are more than that; it consists of love, promise, joy, emotions, passion, and care. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time. We at Time Frame Studio capture Wedding photography & cinematography, thanks to our camera technology CANON (Gear not less than Canon 6D, Canon 5D Mark II & 5D Mark III) with the powerful image editing tools, we are able to create and modify pictures/videos as per your needs, designing out of the box wedding photographs and videos like never before.

When it comes to a session with our wedding photographer, every couple look forward to have something memorable, something unique, some magic at the end of the day. We at Time Frame Studio make your dreams come true, we create non-erasable memories using non-tearable synthetic sheets to enhance the joy around you, whether it’s your big day or you’re merely looking for a cocktail party, we make everything look good.

Our wedding photography is not only imaginative, intimate and authentic but also passionate, stylish and elegant. With the use of great lighting effects & techniques with imaginative angles, Time Frame Studio creates magnificent images that reflects beauty and fun together.

Time Frame Studio creates a distinctive & modern style of cinematography with the years of expertize in the cinema work area. Our aim is to create emotional, sensitive, breath-taking videos with the personalised touch as per client needs to give them perfect combination of realistic view as well as illusion approach.

Our expert photographers & videographers have a passion for shooting memorable & striking images/videos using the HD quality professional cameras and lenses. We believe that weddings are made in the heaven and capturing such a beautiful event is the outmost opportunity for us to be a part of it hence we never calculate the number of pictures taken but we believe in capturing the unlimited memories.

Our main moto is to provide customer satisfaction and customize the needs of our clients as per their requirements & preferences.

At Time Frame Studio we understand your needs, whether it’s a stylish wedding, classic traditional or modern outlook, we are flexible in fulfilling your wishes for which we customize our packages and try to be as reasonable as possible for you. Together lets capture these memories, we customize packages as per your preference and choices, to discuss more on this, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!! 

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